Formal Gowns


So, you have a momentous event coming up. Perhaps it’s a Formal date, an invitation to a formal ballroom event, or even a wedding. Instinctively you think about having a custom-made dress stitched for the occasion.  But it’s your first time, and you don’t know how to choose a custom-made dress

​Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about custom made fashion. Read on!

Why Custom Made?


The term “custom made dress” refers to a dress that’s designed and built to unique specifications. Unlike the one-size-fits all fashion available online, these dresses aren’t mass-produced. Custom made fashion is all about tailoring to fit your unique body type and tastes.

Often, the big question when choosing a dress is: Why custom made versus ready-to-wear? Isn’t is simpler to go online, browse through a plethora of pre-made designs, and just order one? Well, the advantage of custom-made dress choices are manifold, including:

  • You might not always get a dress in the material you are looking for
  • The size, design and shape of the dress might not be a perfect fit for your body
  • Unlike custom made fashion, ready-to-wear dresses don’t come with options to adjust or right-size the dress. If it doesn’t fit, you’ll either have to return it, or spend more money in alterations 

But most importantly, when you are dress-shopping for a very important occasion, like a formal or a wedding, you just won’t have the time to buy a dress, return it and buy another – and then learn that you need to take it to a seamstress to have it fit. That’s why custom-made designs are often preferred for special events.


Making the Right Choice


One of the beauties of choosing a custom-made dress is that you have lots of variety to pick from. But learning how to choose a custom-made dress may seem overwhelming at first, especially with so many choices out there. However, don’t let the variety intimidate you. In fact, if you know exactly what you want, shopping for custom made fashion can be fun – and rewarding! 

Here’s all you need to know about how to choose a custom-made dress, and what you should look for when selecting the right one for you:

    1. Before you visit your designer or seamstress, browse through patterns and designs, and decide which type of dress you want. Consider length, sleeves, neck design and back

    1. Next, discuss your custom-made dress needs with your seamstress or designer, and decide what materials will suit the design you have in mind

    1. If it’s a large custom-made dress that you need, your designer might have additional recommendations to flatter your body or accentuate other features. 

    1. You might have other physical features too, which a custom-made dress can either bring out or downplay

    1. Make sure you talk about accessories, including zippers, buttons, and sequencing requirements

    1. Discuss timelines up front, including dates for fittings and final trials

  1. Talk about costs before placing your order. The cost of custom-made fashion may seem higher than cookie-cutter ready-to-wear dresses, but on the overall scheme of things, you’ll receive a much better final product – and a complete peace of mind!  

And that’s how to choose a custom-made dress that fits all your needs. At the end of the day, if you want a dress that you feel comfortable wearing, and fits you perfectly, then custom made fashion is the way to go! 



Formal Gowns


Few events define a young lady like the celebration of a formal does. The rite of passage, transforming from a young girl into a young lady, is something that stays with you for a long… long time! Formals are ceremonious events, and they require formal fashion to commemorate them.

When you feel confused or hesitant chat to me about your needs. 



For many of you, Formal Night will probably be one of the first (if not THE first!) times that you wear a formal dress. And as a result, you could be forgiven for being apprehensive about what to expect, and how to choose the right dress. However, what’s unmerited is the fact that some young ladies don’t really give the fashion of this event the importance that it deserves: 

  • They’ll wait until the last minute to shop for one
  • Often, their choice of formal fashion for the occasion won’t reflect the momentousness of the event
  • Even if they find a dress that they like, they may not bother to take the utmost care in making sure it is a perfect fit for their body type
  • Scant care is paid to matching the formal dress with their overall look for the occasion 
  • They may even end up spending way too much for a dress and accessories 

​Eventually, the formal dress they do end up wearing doesn’t match with the accessories they buy to go with the dress That is why I’ll give you some pointers about how to choose a formal dress for what might arguably be one of the best and most certainly memorable days in your life!




Make it a process... NOT a milestone!

Choosing the right formal dress should be a process and not a milestone. If you look at a dictionary, you’ll find that processes involve many steps, while a milestone is a single event. In that respect, even though Formal spells the last day in high school, getting to that day is a long process. Therefore, to truly learn how to choose a dress for this significant event in your life, you need to go through a process.

Here are some important considerations when making formal fashion choices:



Mark your calendar: While you may not need your formal dress until several months from today, it’s best that you start planning for the occasion NOW!

Plan your budget: Remember this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so don’t skimp on the expenses for your dress. Sure, you need to plan what you will spend, but with many months advance notice, you can start looking for the most cost-effective dress to fit the occasion. 

Plan a theme: Formal fashion themes are a good way to make the occasion even more special. Is it a theme from a movie you like? Perhaps a Masquerade theme? Could it be a vintage-themed outfit? What about a special city - like French-inspired designs? 

Understand your body: Knowing how to choose a formal dress starts with knowing your body type. All else follows from there. So, what type of body-type are you: Hourglass? Pear? Rectangle? Apple-shaped? Inverted triangle? The right choices will fall into place once you understand your body and we can help you what fits your shape best.  

Buy versus stitch: These days, there’s so much variety in ready-to-wear formal fashion that you can get precisely what you want and if you have problems finding the "one and only" dress for you, a wonderfully personalised tailor-made dress might do you justice. 



If you want to end up making your formal night (and the entire day!) a memorable one, then you need to make choosing a formal dress a process, rather than just a quick event. And while we’ve only touched upon how to select a formal dress, remember this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t forget to plan for shoes, accessories, hairdos, and makeup. 


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Look forward to having you on board with us in a journey to remember 
Marwa Elkadi Herz